Flannel Feather Wings: Colors & Examples
Welcome to the new section of my site. I have expanded on my wings and branched off from just dragon wings.

My flannel feather wings range from black to white and
EVERY color in between.

As stated in the name, these wings are made of flannel. I am working to have every single shade of flannel in stock,
there are nearly 80 different shades.

My wings feature an embroidered center wing, just like you'd see in angle wings or bird wings. They have 4 inner
feathers and 5 edge feathers. The embroidery color varies slightly depending on the wing color.

They are also poseable like their dragon wing counterparts, so you can wear them strait back, out to the sides, or
some way in between. They also condense down small for easy storage.

My most popular colors are gray, yellow, paisley purple, black, white, navy, baby blue, medium pink, and malibu blue,
so I have a bit of material for these colors on hand.

Please note, better pictures will be posted soon, I bought more colors and as you can see the pictures I took and the
ones I'm borrowing from the Joann's website are off on the colors, I am working to get images of every color I have and
have it appear as it does in person, so many are currently off.

For now, I'll post a couple samples and what I have for the colors so you can order a pair if you like, the store should
also be up soon as well.

Flannel Feather Wings run $40 a pair, you can order more then one and shipping will be based on the quantity.
Expect delivery 2-3 weeks after payment.
Here is an example of a pair of
finished white feather wings.

As you can see like the
dragon wings they are worn
like a backpack and are
poseable as well.

While the embroidery doesn't
stand out as well on the white
unless you look closely, on
other colors it really pops.
Here is a closer look at the
inner embroidery.
And of course, our wide range of

Better images coming as soon as I can
get them done.