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Mailing Address:_____________________________________________________
Name of character:__________________________________________________
Name of series:_____________________________________________________
Reference images:____________________________________________________
    Large: 15-20 inches        Medium: 10-14         inches        Small: 6-9 inches
Plush size:__________________________________________________________
    Normal Plush        Pillow with feet and head        Throw pillow
Plush Type:_________________________________________________________
    Fleece        Felt        Flannel        Cotton
Material: (can mix types)_____________________________________________
Special Requests:____________________________________________________

Please note that if there is an official version of a plush out, I cannot make that character/series
in the same style.

The above information will be emailed to you within 2-3 days. Know that I will not start a
commission until I've received half of the agreed upon price. I do not keep a lot of cloth on hand
so I buy it per commissions. Expensive cloth over the estimated amount will be added to the
second half of the sale along with a copy of the receipt for verification of the price increase.
And design details will be agreed upon before the commission starts.
Generally I use a basic cotton, fleece, or flannel but can use most fabrics except for satin. I
don't have a lot of extra money to spend on expensive items so please tell me if you want
something that can go that way in advance so I can add it into the price.
$20 is the starting price for plush and generally ranges from $20-50, the price changes based
on size, specialty fabrics, added details, and item requests. Once half the payment has been
received the commission will be finished within 2-4 weeks, a picture of the finished plush will be
emailed along with a bill for the rest of the commission, once paid the plush will be mailed. If at
any time you wish to cancel the order please be aware that the upfront cost is nonrefundable.